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As a premier lifestyle brand that provides luxurious quality décor with accessible pricing for over 30 years, we’re delighted to share our evolving designs with you. It is our mission to ensure that in an era of fast fading styles, Paradigm Trends remains at the forefront by continuously designing meticulously crafted products made in our factories with the utmost respect and care. Over the course of time, it has become our practice to identify and embrace emerging trends, inspiring you to evoke your creative dreams and make them a reality. Our woman-founded family business has flourished over time, motivated by our Founder Bette Lissak’s persistence to grow Paradigm to its potential. Discover Paradigm Trends online, in a variety of hotels, and throughout retail stores around the globe.

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The Start of Paradigm

It began in 1984; the vision that is. Bette Lissak, a mother of three small children, knew she hadn’t quite discovered her path. Even after completion of her undergraduate degree in Math and studying English and Art History, she still craved something more and embarked on the search for her true calling. 

Empire Bar Set


Paradigm Trends is the single source for all of your accessory needs. Our extensive material options, stocking capabilities and customization at no additional cost, allow you the flexibility to elevate your décor and showcase your hotel’s brand with accessories that add a unique touch. Our diligent sales team is prepared to guide you through your design process and help you reach your aesthetic goals.



For more than 30 years, Paradigm Trends has pioneered quality accessories. We understand the challenges and opportunities that wholesalers face when providing to vast audiences with a myriad of tastes. Our trendsetting expertise, high quality imported materials, and hands-on factory experience allow us to provide a fresh point of view to all who are in the market for it; and we're here to support you in becoming the destination that provides it.